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About Us

Product & Produce Pte Ltd have been trading in cloves since 1988, but one thing that hasn't change over the years is our commitment to quality in both our products and our customer service. Our experience in this business enable us to meet any requirement. In addition, we also help in the sourcing of other products.

We have been a quality provider of products and services and that is the prime reason of us being one of Top Exporters of Cloves.

Through the years, our group has grown strength to strength and now our network of offices & warehouses stretches from Singapore to Indonesia, India, Madagascar and Dubai. Our distribution networks now include Singapore, India, Indonesia, Middle East and Madagascar. We also have our agents in Indian Ocean Islands, Zanzibar & been.

Cloves constitute an important group of agriculture commodities, which are virtually indispensable in the culinary art and cigarettes industries. We buy from growers who sell to us in all types of packing. We empty all bags in the presence of sellers in order to be sure of the quality and moisture. Before export, we clean the cloves by removing light foreign matters and dusts. Our warehouses in origin countries have all necessary processing equipment to ensure only quality cloves are shipped. It is also where we stock our cloves and other products to ensure prompt delivery and shipment. Packaging is done according to buyer's request, ranging from Jute Bags to PP Bags.

Our clients come mainly from the pharmaceutical, food, cigarettes and perfume industries. And we are happy to provide an extensive list of customer references to further new relationships.


Our Networking


Uncompromised Quality

Our commitment to quality spans decades. We meticulously source cloves from trusted growers, ensuring only the finest, moisture-controlled, and debris-free products reach our clients.


Global Reach, Local Expertise

With an extensive network across Singapore, Indonesia, India, Madagascar, and Dubai, our reach ensures prompt delivery and top-notch service. We understand local nuances while operating on a global scale.


Tailored Solutions

From Jute Bags to PP Bags, we cater to diverse packaging needs. Our flexibility in packaging allows us to meet specific client requirements, ensuring satisfaction and ease of use.


Industry Expertise

Serving pharmaceutical, food, cigarettes, and perfume industries, we understand the unique needs of various sectors. Our products meet the stringent demands of these industries, earning trust and loyalty.


Proven Track Record

Being among the top exporters of cloves speaks volumes about our consistency and reliability. Our extensive list of satisfied customers vouches for the quality and professionalism we bring to the table.

About Cloves

Let's get to know about cloves.

Video from business insider, how cloves are becoming a promising commodity for the food industry and other industries.

About Cloves

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