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  • What are cloves?

    The scientific classification for cloves is Syzygium aromaticum. The clove tree belongs to the family Myrtaceae. Clove, common name for a tropical tree of the myrtle family, and for it's dried flower buds. The clove tree is a small-to-medium size evergreen: native to the Moluccas, eastern Indonesia, it is now cultivated elsewhere in the tropics.

  • What parts of the cloves are useful?

    The leaves, flowers and bark are aromatic. The flowers are small and produced in great profusion in clusters. The ripe fruit resembles an olive in shape but is smaller. It is dark red and is sometimes sold in a dried state under the name mother clove; in this form it has an aroma and flavor similar to those of clove but much weaker. The flower buds are gathered and dried by exposure to the smoke of wood fire and to the rays of the sun.

  • What are cloves commonly used for?

    In Indonesia, great amount of cloves are grown and imported to manufacture kretek cigarettes. South Asians love to chew betel nuts flavored with cloves. Cloves are also used for cooking in every household.
    In France, an ingredient crucial to any stock is a whole onion studded with cloves. Whole cloves make lovely pomander balls; their scent can linger in the air for years. Ground cloves are used in deserts, liquors, spice cakes, mincemeat pieces, pumpkin pies, custards and fruit cakes.
    Oils is obtained from cloves by repeated distilling. In dentistry, this oil is used as an anesthetic and sometimes as an antiseptic. It is also used in perfumes and soaps.

  • What does Product & Produce Pte Ltd do?

    We buy, sell, and process cloves and related products from all over the world to fill the needs of manufacturers of tobacco and food products. We retain the unique ability to meet packing and processing specifications from our extremely varied customers' requirements.

  • Who are our customers?

    Our customers are many and varied. Typically, they are manufacturers from the pharmaceuticals, food, cigarettes and perfume industries who enjoy very close relationships with us. Our transparent nature of business calculates itself to full satisfaction derived for our customers. Our customers also enjoy our specialised market report which will help to determine their sales and purchases. They also understand the value of the security that is offered by a reputable company with a history of over 20 years. We are happy to provide an extensive list of customer references to further new relationships.

  • Can we store cloves for customers for extended periods?

    With our many modern warehouses in different countries, we have ample space for storing cloves products for our customers. We can store at our warehouses for our buyers at preferential rates till the time they are ready for the shipment.

  • Will Product & Produce Pte Ltd be able to supply me with cloves products all year round?

    Yes. We are able to offer the following origins.

    Zanzibar (September-January)
    Madagascar (November-February)
    Comoros (November-February)
    Indonesia (May - February)

  • How does Product & Produce Pte Ltd ensure there are always cloves available, even if one region has a bad harvest due to weather?

    Our network of many cloves sources plus our storage capability allows us to make cloves products available all year round. Stock harvest is also subjected to weather, and our sources in different regions ensures that our customers is not badly affected by the lack of yield in one particular region

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